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Five Key Things You Need to Know About Gynecomastia
about 5 years ago


Are you a guy with enlarged breasts? These are also often referred to as man boobs. If you are worried about them, you might have good reason to do so because having them may make you more susceptible to things like breast cancer. However, there is much more about this condition that many people do not know. Below you will learn five things you probably didn't know about this condition.


Results from Hormonal Imbalance
When most men hear this they tend to get shocked. It is true that men can have a hormonal imbalance. This is not something that happens to women only. Men have testosterone and estrogen as well. Hence, when there is an imbalance and the testosterone levels go down, in most cases you find a man with man boobs. In addition to this, an increase in estrogen levels can lead to Gynecomastia especially in elderly men.


It can be Caused by Steroids
The popular craze that men have about working out and gaining some muscles can sometimes cause other unprecedented conditions like Gynecomastia. This often happens among men who use steroids for muscle growth. Most illegal testosterone injections that often serve as steroids are often converted to estrogen which leads to the growth of breasts in men.


It can be Treated Using Surgery
Gynecomastia is not a permanent condition. This means that it can easily be treated and the flappy man boobs removed. The procedure is simple and the healing process is swift. Even though a lot of people may be scared about going under the knife, for any form of surgery, getting rid of Gynecomastia is not so hard.


It Causes No Physical Pain
The good news about Gynecomastia is that it does not cause any physical pain to the man who has it. In most cases, a lot of men who have man boobs sometimes suffer from psychological problems like self-esteem issues. Nonetheless, some are really comfortable in their own skin and the man boobs is not usually a problem. So, even though you might think that they undergo some form of pain, the truth is they do not. You can learn more about the treatments for this condition from this website of the professional Better Off medical spa. 


Obesity Plays a Role
To sum up, Gynecomastia can be caused by obesity. Now, obesity goes far beyond a lot of fat, it also touches on hormones which when disrupted can experience an imbalance. Research shows that the leading cause of Gynecomastia is obesity. Find out what causes gynecomastia here: https://edition.cnn.com/2013/12/05/health/youn-pot-moobs/index.html

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