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Here are Some Facts about Man Boobs
almost 5 years ago


If a woman has no boobs in most cases, they will seek medical attention to find out the cause for that. The opposite of this is that men with boobs are the one to seek medical attention. Boobs in men are not attractive and make them uncomfortable unlike in women where you will find that people will pay to see the boobs. The following are some of the cause of boobs in men.


One of the clinical causes of boobs in man is called gynecomastia. Just like in women men have breast glands but when they enlarge in men is what is called gynecomastia. The main cause for this is hormone imbalance. Both men and women have testosterone and estrogen where the latter is more found in women than in men. Testosterone causes masculine features in men since men will receive more of it than estrogen. Due to a genetic condition or changes in diet, you may find that estrogen is released more in men than is required triggering growth in breast glands leading to man's boobs.


The other cause is problems with the glands in the endocrine system. The human body has several glands in which each of the glands is responsible for releasing specific hormones to the body. Due to trauma or tumor growth in those glands, they are triggered to release hormones in excess or when the body does not require the hormones. As a result, the hormones released will find an organ to embed mostly at the boob.  You can learn more about this condition from  medical spa Encinitas by checking out their website here: https://betteroff.com


Wrong or improper medication can also lead to the growth of boobs in men. Some of the medications used by men like steroids increase the chances of boob growth in men through hormone imbalance. This happens only to those men who use steroids to enhance muscular growth which then leads to the deposit of the excess fats gained to the boobs. Other medications like antidepressants can cause hormone imbalance, therefore, the growth of the boobs.

The other cause of growth in man boob is sudden weight gain. This is more common to those men who suddenly change the diet or eating habits and fails to exercise. As a result, the body will convert the excess food and store it in the form of fat. In most cases, the excess fats will be deposited in areas like the thigh stomach and the boobs. This triggers the growth of the breast since the fat deposited there will have to increase the size of the breast. Read more here about gynecomastia: https://www.encyclopedia.com/medicine/diseases-and-conditions/pathology/gynecomastia

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